Re: Horticultural Information Center

> From:          MEBUCKNER@wnpb.wvnet.edu (Marian Buckner)
> To:            hic@AGRADM.Lan.McGill.CA
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> Date:          Tue, 8 Jul 1997 17:51:09 -0400
> Subject:       Re: Horticultural Information Center
> Organization:  WISe

> Thanks for your message.  Here's a challenge:  My crabapple tree has
> yellowish-orange spots on all the leaves from the time they emerge in
> the spring.  I assume this is a rust.  I think there are cedars in the
> neighborhood.   Since the cedars aren't in my yard, I can't do anything
> about them.   Do you have any suggestions about preventing or reducing
> this leaf disease?
> 								Marian Buckner

	Cedar apple rust can infect many apple and crab apple cultivars in 
areas where its alternate hosts, members of the genus juniperus, are 
prevalent.  Remove alternate hosts (which include red cedar) growing 
within 300 yards if possible.  A copper-based fungicide application 
can help control this problem.