summer stuff for college-student types (fwd)

can anyone help Emily?  please respond directly to her, not me nor the
list.  thanks for your help.

Brad Klepetka

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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 00:14:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: EWillis451@aol.com
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Subject: summer stuff for college-student types

Hello there!

My name's Emily, I'm about to be a junior at Oberlin College in Ohio.  I'm
already looking for ways to spend next summer (1998), and am wondering if any
organic farms exist that room-and-board college students for the summer in
exchange for manual labor (money need not be involved, and the harder the
work, the better).  Although I've had little experience with farming, I'm
genuinely interested in learning and working and feeling like I'm actually
contributing to something.   Do programs like this exist?  Do you know of any
resources that might send me in the right direction?  Web pages, phone
numbers, addresses---I can do anything : ).  Any leads you can give me would
be fondly appreciated.    Thank you!!

-Emily Willis