Re: A Little Bit of Poison Does You Good

Bill Vorley wrote:
> I found this serious info bite on the British Agrochemicals Association
> (BAA) web site ( http://www.baa.org.uk/grape.htm ). I thought you might
> appreciate this beautiful new justification.
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> A Little Bit of Poison Does You Good
> Dr Lithgow of Manchester University has reviewed evidence that shows the
> lifespan of animals can be increased by up to
> 40% by exposure to small amounts of harmful chemicals. Low grade stresses
> tend to strengthen, not weaken biological
> systems. Exercise makes us fit and strong by stressing our muscles, lungs
> and heart. At the level of the cell, detoxifiying
> enzymes are kept in trim by regular low-dose exposure.
> According to Dr Lithgow, if you take human cells and expose them to mild
> stress, they do fantastically better when they are
> subsequently severely stressed. The scientific term is hormesis and is an
> important theory in countering the environmental
> anxiety-mongers.
> Environmentalists argue that if high level exposure to a substance is
> harmful then low level exposure over a number of years
> can similarly be expected to be harmful. This line of argument means that
> no matter how minute the levels of pollutant a scare
> story can always be fashioned. This new evidence should help dispel some
> fears.
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Sounds like good news for the arsenic supplement industry. I think it is
quite a stretch from stressor to longevity or even to healthy. Got to go
, haven't taken any of my 8,546 pesticide supplements or 9,321
industrial waste supplements yet today. Probably, could accomplish it
fairly easily with one full glass of water from a nearby river.

Rich Molini
Atlanta, IN