correlation between soil physical and biological properties and yield

Hello to all,

I am aware of just a few studies that show correlation between
organic matter levels and yield. It seems likely that superior structural
stability of the soils with higher SOM levels is atleast a partial source
of the superior yields.

I am wondering if anyone is aware of any studies which have observed
significant correlation between aggregate stability and yield. I would
also be interested in studies connecting any other physical (bulk
density, infiltration rates, water holding capacity, penetrometer
resistance...) and/or biological properties with yield.

Are any of you aware of research using the
data from yield monitors to identify within field sites for
soil sampling ? This seems like a good approach for correlating
superior yield potential with soil physical and biological parameters.
Maps of soil chemical paramters such as pH and nutrient levels are being
overlayed with yield maps but what about non-chemical parameters ?

Joel Gruver
U of MD, Agronomy
Soil Quality research