I'm new to the list and would like to briefly introduce myself and 
make a request.  I'm Chris Allen and I work as a program specialist 
at the National Center for Appropriate Technology in Butte, MT.  The 
team I work with manages a website for DOE's Center of Excellence for 
Sustainable Development <http://www.sustainable.doe.gov>.

Due to my Grandfather's death, I recently inherited the 
responsibility for management of a 180 acre property in North East 
Texas.  The property is located about 80 miles east of Dallas, 
between Alba and Emory.

I'm in the process of developing long term plans to convert it from 
conventional rangeland into an organic farm and demonstration site for 
regenerative technologies and practices.  Short term, I would like to 
lease the land and 3 bedroom, 2 kitchen home to someone interested in 
pursuing organic farming and land stewardship.

I'm in the process of gathering advice and contacts in Texas to 
accomplish these short and long term goals.  

Anyone interested in leasing the property please contact me at the address below.
I greatly appreciate all advice and suggestions.  Please forward this information to 
anyone you else you feel might be interested.  I would also know of 
recommendations of other places (listserves, websites, magazines, 
etc.) to announce the availability of the property for 

Thanks for your reply.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen
National Center for Appropriate Technology
PO Box 3838
Butte, MT  59702