New to list

Hi just thought I introduce myself(ourselves).  My husband, our friend and
business partner and me are in the R&D of starting a CSA. Credentials:
Pete(husband) grew up on dairy farm is no stranger to "farm" work, now a
high school biology teacher who dreams of retiring in 5 years to be
full-time farmer, Sean(friend) biology major who has been in medical sales
for approx. 10 years and was "downsized" their loss our gain he is good at
dealing with the "outside" nonfarm world, while he hopes to be able to get
another real job he is going to continue working with us (added bonus his
parents think this is a great idea and when we really get rolling think
they'll hop on board), moi(Beth) BS in physical therapy presently an
domestic engineer, while I did not grow up on a working farm I have been
farm literate since childhood, my grandfather had a beautiful garden so
unlike other kids I thought the only place you could get strawberries or
corn was a garden and should only taste that good.  My father kept a nice
garden more yummy strawberries and corn....., we also had sheep pets and
lawnmowers and horses, the critters however were sold by the time I was in
high school.
We live on the former dairy farm 85 acres an oasis in mist of much suburban
We have a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle (we have a rented belted
galloway bull, next years crop will be a mixture), one miniature donkey,
one chicken(didn't want to start big ha ha). The normal backyard garden.
We would like our CSA to be an enjoyable experience for our members ie the
animals, hike around the farm, in the future hayrides and other fun stuff..
Well I've ramble love to hear from you thank-you, Beth