Dear List -
Hello to all - as suggested, as a new user and a first posting, I will
give a brief intro.
My name is Dave Patterson - I am a CUSO volunteer (Canada) working in
southern Thailand with SAAN - the Southern Alternative Agriculture
Network. The network encompasses many smaller organisations, including
such things as Savings Groups, agroforestry, the river basin and coastal
resources network, rubber intercropping, community forestry, indigenous
vegetables, farmer's rights, etc etc. I have been here for a year and
a half now (following a year working in Bangkok) and find it all very
interesting. If there is anything I can do for anyone from here, let me

Now my first query: Recently, CUSO decided to explore CSAs as a
potential option for small farmers to market their products (and, of
course, a chance for consumers to get some better food!) in several of
our volunteer-placement areas around the world, including southern
Thailand - which is where I first got involved, and started exploring
around the WWW - which is where I ran into prairienet. As far as I can
determine, there is very little work in the area of CSA underway in
Southeast Asia, but I thought that I would ask this group of people who
know a lot more about CSA than I do if you know of any groups working in
CSA around here?
Personally, I find the whole idea of CSA very exciting, and am looking
forward to being involved in the startup process here, and being
involved with this discussion group as well (although I've heard a lot
about discussion groups, I've never been moved to get involved before!). 
Thanks guys - talk with you all soon one way or another!