Re: CSA list question and NE Conference info

> Of the many aspects of
>running a CSA finding members seems the most daunting, 

As far as I'm concerned, posting your basic info and contact numbers/email
is fine.  It's possible somebody on the list would know somebody in your
area and would pass along the details.   More expedient, however, would be
to call the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association and register your
CSA with them.  They keep a fairly comprehensive database of CSAs in North
America and send lists of farms in an area to anyone who calls.  (So if
somebody's looking for Eastern Mass CSAs, they'll find your farm on a list.)
The BD Assoc. can be reached at 1.800.515.7797.  CSA of North America (whose
web site holds info for the Northeast CSA Conference) provides a similar
service and can be contacted at 413.528.4374.  Call 'em both!

Sarah Milstein
Director of CSA Programs, Just Food