NCAP's 20th Anniversary


The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) invites you
to join us for a celebration of our 20th Anniversary!  Founded in 1977,
NCAP is a membership organization that works to stop the use of pesticides
as the preferred method of pest control in the Northwest and elsewehre.
NCAP promotes sustainable resource management, prevention of pest problems,
use of alternatives to pesticides, and protection of an individual's right
to be free from pesticide exposure.

Join us for a conference on "Pesticides, Communities, and Change:
Celebrating 20 Years of Activism" which will be held in Portland, Oregon on
October 10-11.  Come hear keynote speaker, Theo Colborn, expert on
endocrine-disrupting chemicals and author of Our Stolen Future.  Learn more
about science, policy, and pesticide reform efforts.  On Saturday, Oct. 11,
you can participate in a full day of workshops and panels on agricultural
pesticide use reduction strategies, health effects of pesticides, reduction
of pesticides used on school grounds, pesticide use reporting, inert
ingredients, and much more.

Registration materials will be available in late August.  For more
information and registration materials, please contact NCAP at P.O. Box
1393, Eugene, OR 97440; phone: 541-344-5044.  email:  info@pesticide.org