To do at home

On the issue of using sewage sludge.
  If you want to do something direct about the content of sewage sludge, 
besides just writing letters, and do yourself some good besides, consider 
switching to an in-home, compost toilet.  We have had one for years.  The 
advantages include saving thousands of gallons of water per year, which 
svaes you money and increases the amount of water available for better 
uses than flushing toilets.  It also reduces the load on the city sewage 
systems, and the end product is thoroughly composted and useable in 
gardens, without any danger of having harmful metals or other substances. 
 Further, if enough people used these, the percentage of metals and such 
going into municipal sewage would increase without household sewage to 
dilute it.  At that point it might become a high enough percentage of the 
sewage to make it necessary to change the way the sewage was treated, or 
possibly encourage development of new methods of capturing and retrieving 
the dangerous substances.
  It could be a win-win situation all around.
  One of the best compost toilets I know of, one I recently upgraded to 
and think highly of, is at
-Lon J. Rombough