Re: Re[2]: organic panic

On Tue, 22 Jul 97 12:42:19 EDT DAVISM1@westatpo.westat.com writes:
>     Alas, more and more frequently, excessively nosy neighbors are 
>able to 
>     control what folks grow on their own property through the use (or 
>     maybe mis-use is correct) of homeowners' association covenants.  
>     of my neighbors consider vegetable gardens "unsightly" and 
>     harass folks who "grow their own."  My only response has been to 
>     to get elected to the board and present a voice of sanity and 
>     tolerance...

  The enforcement of "homeowners' association covenants" and "City
Ordinances" that defined citrus trees as acceptable shade trees, but a
home garden as "unsightly" and horses as pets, but chickens, cows, and
pigs as "livestock" and therefore unacceptable are just two of many
reasons I opted to vote with my feet a bit over 17 years ago and left the
mainland US for greener pastures (and gardens).

--Dan in Sunny Puerto Rico--