Tools for Small CSA's

I am a one man operation CSA in Norhtern California and am interested in tips
and tools for the very small farm. I have been selling at local farmer's
markets since 1990, became a CSA in 1995 (CSA exclusive for two years) and
now am both selling at local markets and distributing to members.

Some of my favorite tools are:

The Garden Way Planter: Cheap, light, versitile, body powered. I don't know
of a better push planter. It is enough for my 4 acre (at max) operation.

The "Asparagus to Zucchini Cookbook" from the folks at MACSAC:

(Madison Area CSA Coalition (MACSAC) maintains an updated directory of 
CSA farms serving the Madison, WI area and sponsor several CSA-related 
events each year, including a CSA Farm Fair in March, farm tours during 
the summer, and conferences and grower workshops in the fall and winter. 
We also have ongoing regular meetings which are open to the public. 
Karen Foley-Stauss c/o Wisconsin Rural Development Center, 125 Brookwood 
Dr., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572, 608/437-5971. )

The Cookbook was put together with CSA's in mind and is organized according
to vegetable. A GREAT!!!! resource. (Thankyou MACSAC FOLKS!)

The last is a wheelhoe made by the guy who got me started in organic
vegetable growing 10 or so years ago. He has just got up a web page <A HREF="h
ttp://www.sunset.net/valleyoaktool">Valley Oak Tool Co. that you can access
at www.sunset.net/valleyoaktool. I use it all the time. Great weed control
close to the row.

The last one is a simple eye hoe or grub hoe. I didn't discover them until I
was 37 and I've been in agriculture all my life. With a sharp edge they are a
dirt farmer's best friend. (I have a little article on it and other things-
too big to put here - that I will e-mail you if you are interested.)

I am looking for a real good hand pruner for my peaches and Asian pears. Any
experience with one?

I was also turned on to a great book for us little income, little farmers:
the book Your Money or Your Life.

I'd welcome your suggestions.