The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota is looking to fill 
two positions. We are considered the best farmer to farmer education 
network in sustainable ag in the nation today. We are an assertive 
organization looking for a strong program manager. We have a strong 
board at this point. 

We are looking for the right person for the job as opposed to specific 
skills. Excellent communication skills are essential, a "political, 
handshaking-type" to smooth relations with partners and board. 
Leadership skills a must. Don't worry if you don't have experience in 
some of the areas-publishing, grantwriting, etc. We have people we can 
share this with or train you. This is a "hired gun" type of position 
which we hope the candidate will assertively try to grant write enough 
to make fulltime or even envision hiring more people. 

A super opportunity for an assertive person on the sustainable ag 
track who really wants to make a difference. Lots of meetings and a 
fair amount of travel. Pay isn't wonderful at this point, but who 
knows how far you would like to take it....

Program Manager
The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota is seeking to fill 
the Parttime position of Program Manager to the State Board of 
Directors.  The job involves the following responsibilities.
*Grant and Program management
*New chapter development
*Grant writing
*Maintaining computerized membership lists
*Editing and publishing the Cornerpost newsletter
*Assisting existing chapters
*Work with State Board members
*Serve as a liason for the SFA for individuals, agencies and the 
University of Minnesota
Please send all resumes to Tim King R2 - Maple Hill, Long Prairie, MN  
56347 by August 22nd.
(320) 732-6203.
SFA is a farmer to farmer organization that sponsored over
100 field  days and workshops in the last two years.  ---

If you would like to chat via email further on the Program Manager 
position, contact Bev at storm@rconnect.com, state sec.

Co-ordinator Team Builder.
The Sustainable Farming Ass'n of Minnesota seeks to contract with a 
talented and creative individual to co-ordinate its Coteau Ridge 
Chapter, based near Ivanhoe, and to develop an interdisiplinary team 
of farmers, rural people, research scientists and agency personnel in 
association with the University of Minnesota's Southwest Experiment 
Station in Lamberton.

This position will require flexible hours - 10 to 25 per week, a 
dedication to agriculture and sustainable rural communities and strong 
communication skills.

There are a number of duties including:
        *organize farmer to farmer workshops and field days
        *write brochures and newsletters
        *write and administer grants
        *work with U of Mn to build farmer/researcher team
        *maintain computerized records
        *Travel to meetings within Southwest Minnesota and around
								 the state

Resumes must be received in the mail or electronically by August 11th.
Tim King,
 Program Manager
Sustainable Farming association
R2 - Maple Hill
Long Prairie, MN  56347   (320) 732-6203
email:  timking@maroon.tc.umn.edu