Re: Tools for Small CSA's

Hi, everyone.  I just want to put in my .02 about the MACSAC cookbook.  

As the distribution manager for a large CSA (230 members at my site), I've
found that one of the things members most value and that keeps them coming
back from year to year are recipe sheets given out each week that provide
ideas for particularly abundant or unusual vegetables.  Without information
on what to do with these veggies, many members would let them rot in their
refrigerators -- generating a lot of waste and guilt.  The MACSAC cookbook,
and others like it, make it easy to photocopy a bunch of recipes at once and
hand them out at your distribution.  Also, you can order the books in bulk
and sell them to your members (or even include the cost in the share price
and give them out at the beginning of the season).

By the way, not only is the MACSAC book a great CSA-oriented cookbook, but
it has articles (by CSA members) about the importance of eating locally and
tips for doing it, CSA-related resources, etc.  Ordering info below.


>> The "Asparagus to Zucchini Cookbook" from the folks at MACSAC:
>> The Cookbook was put together with CSA's in mind and is organized
>according to vegetable. A GREAT!!!! resource. (Thankyou MACSAC FOLKS!)
>> (Madison Area CSA Coalition (MACSAC) maintains an updated directory of 
>> CSA farms serving the Madison, WI area and sponsor several CSA-related 
>> events each year, including a CSA Farm Fair in March, farm tours during 
>> the summer, and conferences and grower workshops in the fall and winter. 
>> We also have ongoing regular meetings which are open to the public. 
>> Karen Foley-Stauss c/o Wisconsin Rural Development Center, 125 Brookwood 
>> Dr., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572, 608/437-5971. )