Full Circle Organic Farm 7/23/97

Your Week's Worth    7/23/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm, Auburn, CA (916) 885-9201 
1 bu     Ruby Chard
1 bu     Bolero carrots
1 lb      Stockton Red sweet onions
1 ea  Eggplant --  Listada di Gandia, Louisiana Long, or Neon
2 lb      mixed summer squashes
1          Sweet peppers 
2          Anaheim chilis
1 ea     Armenian cucumber
2 lb      Peaches
1+ lb    Flame Seedless grapes
1 bu     Italian parsley
1 bu     Genovese basil

Friday Night Market Fun
   We learned something polling our Friday people to see about moving pick-up
day to Thursday -- y'all preferred Thursday, anyway!  So, starting this week,
share pick-up at the Folsom site is on Thursdays.  This will allow us to
participate in the Friday Night Market in Grass Valley.  They close off the
main street in old town, have live music, and the local cafes supply hot
food.  Come up and see us.
  Also, PLEASE tell us if something would make your share more enjoyable i.e.
getting it earlier in the week, having eggplant all the time, not having
strawberries... Your calls and notes are the only way we know how we are
doing.  Things may not change immediately, but you will have an impact.
  Eggplant differences: Listada, ivory w/lavendar stripes-good for
traditional dishes i.e. moussaka, eggplant parmesan, ratatouille.  Neon is
good grilled, or baked as in Iman Bayaldi.  Louisiana Long Green is excellent
cut lengthwise and grilled or cut like a sausage and used on pizza.
  Those new onions are Stockton Reds, a sweet summer onion.
  Chilies this week are Anaheims, aka California chili.  They are mild ones
used for chili rellenos and canned as diced chilies.