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Subject: Wenatchee Orchard Tour Aug 21

Healthy Harvest:  Environmental Innovations in the Orchard Industry
Farm Tour

The Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI), in collaboration
with Washington tree fruit producers and professionals, and regional
educational institutions, is hosting a farm tour featuring environmental
innovations in the orchard industry August 21, 1997 from 10:00 am to 5:00
pm.  The purpose of this tour is to increase knowledge and support for
environmental stewardship in agriculture and to reconnect people with their
regional food supply by providing an opportunity for them to investigate
the complex agricultural, environmental, and stewardship issues related to
Washington's orchards - the state's highest farm gate value crop.

"It's one thing to learn where apples come from in Miss Simpkin's
fourth-grade class, and quite another to pick and eat a ripe Red Delicious
on a hillside near Wenatchee, Washington.  And while it's nice to get a box
in the mail with "Rogue River Pears" stamped on the side, filling the box
yourself is something else entirely." ~ Sunset Magazine, August 1997

Tour participants will see, first hand, the environmental benefits of
alternative tree fruit production systems and how innovations such as
mating disruption for codling moth control, IPM in the field and the
packing house, organic farming, and compost use for soil improvement have
made Washington a world leader in environmentally responsible tree fruit
production. Participants will also join in active discussions of how local
production and marketing enhances the quality of life and economic
viability of local communities.  The tours are open to all -- farmers,
consumers, extension agents, policy makers, 4-H youth, Future Farmers of
America, environmental advocates and university students.

Tour stops include 1) Wenatchee Valley College Sunnyslope Teaching Orchard
where participants will learn about this nationally recognized training
program for future orchard managers and leaders from Gregg Craft and view
the orchard replant experiment with Mark Mazzola, USDA-ARS researcher
working on alternatives to methyl bromide; 2)  Lucky Badger
Orchards, Stemilt Management Inc., Orondo, WA for a visit with Derek Carlson,
horticulturalist with Stemilt, about their Responsible Choice program and
how management of their organic and conventional acreage compares;  3)
Brownfield Organic Orchard, Chelan, WA where Ted Alway, WSU Extension, will
talk about the exciting areawide codling moth control project and how
growers are successfully reducing insecticide use by using pheromone
biocontrol, and Mike Brownfield will discuss the techniques he and his
family have used to run a successful organic orchard for several decades;
and lastly, 4) Rocky Reach Dam, where Bob Bugert, local fisheries
consultant, will discuss regional salmonoid issues and the development of a
mid-Columbia Habitat Conservation Plan.

Following the formal tour, participants will have an opportunity to take a
self-guided tour of Rocky Reach Dam featuring a fish ladder viewing room,
an excellent museum on the history of the area, a fascinating museum of
electricity, and a viewing spot for the generating room and hydropower

The tour will include a catered meal at Beebe Bridge Park on the Columbia
River made from local, sustainably grown produce and transportation in an
air-conditioned bus.  Cost per person, per tour, is $20.00  for persons
registering by August 14, 1997.  The registration fee for late registrants
is $25.00.  The tour is co-sponsored by the PCEI Community Food Systems
Program, Washington State University Center for Sustaining Agriculture and
Natural Resources and Wenatchee Valley College.  Financial support comes
from Patagonia, Inc., the Bullitt Foundation and the Jessie Smith Noyes
Foundation.  For more information,  please contact the tour organizers,
David Granatstein, WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural
Resources, 509/883-6161 x222 or Colette DePhelps, PCEI Community Food
Systems Program, 208/882-1444.

Colette DePhelps
Community Food Systems Program Coordinator

"Looking more deeply than usual at things, one wonders at how immense tiny
things are, and how tiny immense things are too.  Like dinosaurs (used to
be) and like neutrons.   ~Stine"

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