Full Circle Organic Farm - 8/13/97

Your Week's Worth    8/13/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm, Auburn, CA (916) 885-9201 
1 bu     Chioggia beets  1        Mickey Lee watermelon! 
1 bu     Nelson carrots  1        Orange-flesh honeydew 1 lb      Stockton
Red  onions 1-2  lb   Big Rainbow or  
1 ea  Eggplant -- Listada     Radiator Charlie's
2 lb       Zucchetta Rampicante   Mortgage Lifter
3           Sweet peppers - colored,  1 pt Cherry tomatoes
1 ea      Armenian cucumber 
2 lb  Asian pears
1 bu     Genovese basil 

Asian Pears & Orange Honeydew
   Bryan and Steve have bigger and better Shinseiki pears than ours, so
that's what you've got this week.  Eaten crisp like an apple, these guys are
unusually refreshing.  
  Two melons this week  - the Mickey Lee and an orange-fleshed honeydew.  Eat
the honeydew right away, they're ripe.
  Summer squash is starting to fade and winter  squash is starting to harden.
 We've ordered seed potatoes anda await their arrival.  Lettuce and Napa
cabbage were transplanted this week. Spinach and mesclun were direct seeded.
 Late beans, peas, Snow Baby onions, carrots, radishes, new Chioggia beets
and broccoli will hopefully go in this weekend. More lettuce, Napa and head
cabbages, kale, new chard, cauliflower, and broccoli are already growing in
the greenhouse.
  Some of you already know our cooler has essentially died.  It will take on
the order of $1000 to repair or replace.  An expense definitely not in this
year's budget.  We have a line on a possible replacement but need cash to
secure it.  If you have not yet sent your August 1 payment, please do so
immediately.  If you owe us a payment on August 15, please pay on time.  If
you are not sure, give us a call.