The International Composting Association! Growing by the Minute..and TRULY International

I am very pleased to inform you ALL that while we in the U.S. have been
so busily parrying and thrusting this morning over issues of composting
versus landfills, the Europeans are pursueing the more positive and
beneficial goals of implementing new chapters and regions of the
International Composting Association to actually progress along the road
of dealing on an applied basis with the issues we have been discussing. 

Since 1:30 a.m. E.S.T. there has been a groundswell of interest in
Canada and the Pacific Northwest, the Netherlands, England, Portugal,
Denmark and Austria. This is where I choose to spend my energy.

 In the U.S. it would be nice to begin hearing of more positive efforts
such as the launching of state and local chapters and the establishment
of central points of contact for regional pursuits such as on the
Pacific coast of California and in the North East. 

For those of you who have expressed an interest in the ICA in Canada,
the NorthWest, the MidWest, and the SouthWest please feel free to post
your names as points of contact. Likewise there is a major need for
leadership at the local chapter level in your hometown or area of the
state. When you feel so called as to serve as a local point of contact
let us all know so that we can help you!

A simple point, because we are not competing with any other group or
organization there is simply no reason why you could not have a
membership as an individual and professional in the I.C.A. AND your
local recycling organization, The Compost Council, or other
organization. In fact, we would welcome the opportunity to work in a
complimentary manner with other societies and organizations as Associate
Organizations. Our bylaws, voting, representation, organization, and
ethical guidelines are all available for your review at my we site

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I.C.A.   The professional society for individuals in composting