Re: Round-up Ready Soybeans

>         I'm doing some reseach for my family that farms around a 1,000
> acres of corn and soybeans in Indiana.  They are considering round-up ready
> soybeans b/c neighboring farmers are reporting lower herbicide costs.
> Nathan Boone

Hi Nathan

I'm one of the persons that very much scaled down eating foods containing 
soya because of the way it's introduced and the no choice option for 
the consumer.
Now they are working on the residu's limits to sell more roundup.
It might be a better idea to sell your soya as 'guaranteed original 
soya' or 'roundup-ready free',
For the consumer in europe said NO to roundupsoya, its the WTO 
who is enforcing 'free' imports. 

Frits v/d Laan