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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 22:24:59 +0100 (BST)
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Subject: Re: Nematode control (fwd)

Dear Andy,

There are a number of allelopathic/organic/biodynamic methods of nematode 
control, that were successful in Brazil - so I hope your nems are as 
"down under" as ours:

1. Intercropping and winter mulching with "Tagetes minuta" (marigold spp), 
"Crotalaria spectabilis" or "C.paulinea" (spp of sunhemp). They are known 
as Nematode traps - their roots attract them and their great populational 
concentration seem to render them susceptible to natural control by 
fungal diseases like the...

2. Nematophagous fungus (I don't remember the Latin name now) sold 
commercially in France.

3. Well matured compost seems to increase the inocculum potential of 
these antagonistic microbes - very good results in coffee plantations.

4. If you've got a REALLY BAD infestation, collect as many pests as you 
can and burn them out in 2 parts of saw-chips in a closed oven, by the 
time both the Sun and Moon are in the constelation of the Bull (usually 
mid/end-MAY). Stir-grind the ashes for some 20 minutes, AT LEAST. 
Sprinkle them thinly around your fields. repeat for 2-3 years. This is the 
"BD vaccine" which principles I have neither time nor space here to explain.

All these are general recommendations. Specific "in site" kowledge of the 
problem may well be required.

Good luck with your "nemys".

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> Subject: Nematode control
>    Nematodes in citrus and vine growing soils are proving a problem in this
> irrigation area.  Do subscribers have any info on non chemical
> control/erradication methods?  There chemicals available for application to
> soils but other means are desirable.
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