In lieu of an ice age to refertilize North America...

>From: Andrew Ashley <aeashley@stlnet.com>
>From: "Barbara A. Rosensteel" <BROSENSTEEL@oak.jaycor.com>
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I am looking for an organically approved source for greensand
in the Upper Midwest.  Any help you can offer in locating some
would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Andrew, Barbara, dmeyer and All:

What is it about green sand? I don't know about its merits, but rock dust
definitely has a benefit for anyone who intends to grow a plant in
mineral-depleted topsoil.

Commercial agriculture is in a state of ongoing crisis as it is based on
chemical fertilizers and unspeakable pesticides and herbicides (WHAT'S
WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?).  The only way to restore minerals to topsoil is
to add rock dust...either by hand or by ice age glaciation.  Given the cost
per 100-lb bag of rock dust, it might be a bit on the expensive side to
refertilize more than the home garden, but it will definitely put vital
minerals back into the soil...translating into fruits and vegetables that
would taste a lot better than the "cardboard" food we've become used to
over the past half-century.

In the face of a global environmental challenge, someone sooner or later
has to come up with a way that makes it possible for humanity to learn to
grow its own organic food in complete balance with nature -- enough to feed
the every citizen of every nation.  Not only that, but also restore lost
forestlands, repair damaged habitats,and halt desertification.

The time is *now* and that someone is Steve Schorr.  Since 1982 Mr. Schorr
has been developing a high-tech form of aeroponics he calls "The Airponic
Growing System."  This method is ideal for full-term growing of organic
vegetables, anywhere in the world...crop after crop, year-round, as much as
it is ideal for producing literally hundreds of millions of tree seedlings
for outplanting wherever there is a need for rapid reforestation or halting

Recently the Minister of Defence for India, Dr. Brahma Singh, asked Steve
to give him a proposal for an environmentally controlled greenhouse for the
commercial-scale growing of vegetables at the 9,000-ft. altitude in the
Himalaya foothills.  This Request-for-Proposal came directly out of Mr.
Schorr's meeting with Mr. S.D. Sharma, the President of India, who blessed
a $158 million proposal for the reforestation of the Ganges Headwaters over
a 5-year period.  Thousands of square miles of this once devastated
landscape will now be transformed in a matter of a few years.

While rock dust is one excellent way to restore minerals to the depleted
topsoil of a continent, there is also now a proven method to have increased
*organic* agricultural production to feed and reforest the world.  While
this all may sound too good to be true, the fact is it works and it's
available right now for installation anywhere in the world.

Visit our website and thanks for passing the word...

Best regards,

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