Re: Mad Cow disease, BSE; Justice is served.

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>Paul Clarke  <paul@denby.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>>                                             [...]    The latest theory
>>(supported by experimental evidence - see The Observer 21/4/96) is that
>>the disease is harboured and spread by hay mites - so that whatever you
>>do as regards killing off infected or suspect animals, the hay mites
>>will spread the disease to any replacement stock!! Rather a worrying
>>scenario - what do we do if it's true!?   
>Go vegetarian, perhaps? A pretty good idea in any case. I see from the 
>paper that the number of BSE/CJD cases in Britain is now up to 14.

Expect about 50 +-25 cases annually of CJD in the UK or around 1 per
million per annum worldwide (ie about 250 cases in US annually).

Vegetarians get CJD as often as you would expect given their numbers
with respect to the general population.

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