Garlic as an Insecticide

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                                27 January

[Ref: Don Harris' 24 Jan. question to SANET]

    A firm, Guardian of California, manufactures "Guardian Spray" which
their literature says is, "made from only pure garlic and Water." It is 
EPA registered "as a biochemical pesticide generally and specifically 
designated as an insect repellent and/or feeding depressant."

    The contact is: Guardian of California, PO Box 130, Paso Robles, CA
93447, USA.  Fax: 1-805-237-8397.  Phone: 1-805-239-7350.  The contact 
(over a year ago) was John Walter.

    Hope this is useful info.

                          Cordially,  --A.E. Deutsch
                                        IPMnet NEWS Coordinator/Editor