Organics and Nutrition - ref list

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my request for info on the
comparison of the nutritional value of organically and conventionally grown
food back in June. Here is the list of refs I've compiled. Some of the refs
are not easy to get hold of - if anyone would like more info about a
particular ref please contact me. Basically I think that because so many
factors can influence
nutritional value of crops irrespective of farming system (soil type,
climate, maturity etc) it is an extremely difficult question to answer.
Some of the studies below are poorly designed with many confounding factors
- consequently results are conflicting. I think it is more useful to
compare the quality of organically and conventionally grown food on a much
broader basis ( not just on the basis of one factor like nutritional value)
including social, political and environmental dimensions. In any case most
of the studies simply report the
concentrations of a very small range of nutrients in a limited range of
crops - this does not tell us much about nutritional value -
bioavailability is
rarely addressed.

Organics - Nutrition/Related Issues Reference List

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