NEW WWW SITE! -- Changing the Face of the Earth!

                       ANNOUNCING A NEW WWW SITE!
                    CHANGING THE FACE OF THE EARTH!
   The Changing the Face of the Earth campaign is a world-wide
   program to bring about a solution to the problems currently faced
   by this planet and her inhabitants.
   The campaign is directed by Shelter International and its aim is
   to educate governments and the people of the world in the
   practical application ofthe timeless teachings of the Vedas,
   India's storehouse of transcendental knowledge
   The Campaign aims to create public support for action to solve the
   world's current environmental and economic crisis in line with
   this timeless knowledge. Specifically:
      * Develop projects supporting environmentally sound self-
        sufficient communities at all levels.
      * Encourage vegetarianism.
      * Establish Plain Living and High Thinking farm communities to
        demonstrate self-sufficient rural living is a viable
        alternative lifestyle.
      * Recognise the spiritual aspect of humanity and its importance
        to society, and its interrelationship with global problems.
      * Work towards the establishment of the perfect social system,
        Varnasrama dharma