Announcement: WWW-Server for Ecological Modelling

                       Announcing the

              WWW-Server for Ecological Modelling

I have opened a WWW-server providing links to ecological simulation
models and descriptions of these models. The idea is to provide
ecological modellers and other people interested in models an
easy access to software and documentation. It is also thought for
modellers who want to make their models easily available.

At the moment the possibilities exists to search for models
 - by name or
 - by subject.

Additional this WWW-Server integrates an interface to ECOBAS
(Documentation of mathematical formulation of ecological processes).
[The public access to ECOBAS will be available in January 1995]

Ideally, the server could become a central pool of information
for ecological modelling.

Access:     http://dino.wiz.uni-kassel.de/ecobas.html

At this stage I invite modellers to inform us about links to available
models and documentations (An online fill-out-form exists in this server).
Also any suggestions and information about problems are welcome.

Dr. Joachim Benz
University of Kassel,
Faculty of Agriculture, International Rural Development
and Environmental Protection (FB 11)
Nordbahnhofstr. 1a
D-37213 Witzenhausen, Germany
Phone: (+49)-5542-981560 FAX: (+49)-5542-981670
e-mail: benz@wiz.uni-kassel.de
        C=de; A= ; P=uni-kassel; O=wiz; S=benz (X.400)

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