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Aquarium enthusiasts and others interested in fish, ponds,
aquaculturae and marine life will be able to attend an
computerized convention Feb 24 through 26 1995, on the
Aquarium/Fish Forum (FISHNET) on CompuServe.

The ninth annual Winter Weekend Workshop (WWW9) will include
lectures, games and prizes as well as opportunities for questions
and discussions and opportunities to meet other aquarists from
around the country and abroad.  The lectures will cover a variety
of subjects and include topics of interest to beginners and
advanced hobbyists, and those with ponds, freshwater aquariums
and marine tanks.  There also will be hospitality rooms and an
on-line trade show with information about aquarium products and

Those attending lectures and participating in games and puzzles
will be able to earn Fishy Bucks to spend at the no-money
auction.  The auction, which will be held a week later on Sunday,
March 5, features items donated by aquarium-related businesses
and other organizations.

A full conference schedule will be available in one of the
libraries on FISHNET prior to the start of WWW9 and information
on speakers, events and any schedule changes will be announced on
the forumUs message board FISHNET staff members will be available
to help participants find information and locations of events.
The access command on CompuServe to find the forum is GO FISHNET.

FISHNET is an computer information exchange service on CompuServe
for people interested in fish, aquaria, invertebrates and ponds.
Its more than 11,000 members are general aquarium hobbyists as
well as public aquarium administrators, aquarium product
manufacturers, fish farmers and breeders, and representatives of
aquarium-related businesses.  Access to CompuServe requires a
computer and a modem.  There is no cost for participation on
FISHNET or participation in WWW9 beyond regular CIS access
charges.  Introductory memberships in CIS  are available by
calling 1-800-524-3388 and asking for Rep. 164.
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Article 484 of bionet.agroforestry:
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Subject: FMDSS-L (typo correction)
Date: 8 Mar 1994 08:45:32 -0000
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but FMDSS-L  (see following message from Tom Moore for more info):

The following addresses are correct:

Main listserver address = listserv@pnfi.forestry.ca
  This is the address of the automated list server.  This is the
  address to send subscription requests, obtain lists of subscribers,
  get archives of previous discussions, etc.  To subscribe to the
  list send the following message to this address:
  SUBSCRIBE FMDSS-L FirstName LastName

Discussion group address = FMDSS-L@pnfi.foresty.ca
  This is the address to send communications destined for the
  discussion group.

List manager = lserver@pnfi.forestry.ca
  This address sends mail to the administrator of the list.
  Use this address only if you want human assistance.  Please do
  not send subscription requests to this address because they will
  be processed manually, resulting in a delay.


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Tom Moore                                       tmoore@pnfi.forestry.ca
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2000, Chalk River  +1 (613) 589-2880
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Date: 	Wed, 3 Mar 1993 18:27:24 +0200
From: tmoore@pnfi.forestry.ca (Tom Moore)
Message-Id: <9303031627.AA23715@opus.pnfi.forestry.ca>
To: forest@nic.funet.fi
Subject: Discussion group for forest management decision support systems

Dear Forest Research colleague:

I am pleased to announce the availability of an electronic mailing list
discussion group on the topic of forest management decision  support
systems.  This list is being sponsored by Forestry Canada, on behalf of
Canada's Green Plan program for Sustainable Development.

According to the charter:

The discussion group is a forum for rapid exchange of  information, ideas,
and opinions related to the topics of  decision support systems and
information systems for forest  management planning.  Also welcome are
announcements of  meetings, calls for papers, calls for proposals, help 
wanted, employment wanted, resumes, book reviews, and copies  of
papers or speeches.  

Although this is being sponsored as part of a Canadian research program,
participation from the international community is welcome.
Please pass this information on to your colleagues.

To subscribe to the list send an email to 'listserv@pnfi.forestry.ca' with the
The list server program will send you information about how to  submit
contributions to the discussion group.  Further questions about the
discussion group, or about Canada's Green Plan program for Forest
Management DSS can be directed to 'tmoore@pnfi.forestry.ca'.

A companion activity of the FM-DSS program is a quarterly newsletter. 
Many of the articles submitted to the newsletter will be copied to this
mailing list, and vice-versa.  The newsletter provides a service to those
without electronic mail access, and is available in  english and french. 
Requests for subscriptions to the newsletter may be addressed to:
Dr. Larry Marshall
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
Box 2000
Chalk River, Ontario
- - or - email your request to lmarshal@pnfi.forestry.ca

Tom Moore
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Tom Moore                                       tmoore@pnfi.forestry.ca
Petawawa National Forestry Institute             Forestry Canada, Box 2000,
Chalk River          +1 (613) 589-2880
ONT K0J 1J0  CANADA                             +1 (613) 589-2275 telefax