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26 March 1994 --- An earlier version of this information may have come
across your screen. The following message does contain some new material,
though it may be repetitious in part--please excuse that.

     IPMnet is operating and available on-line 24 hours a day offering
individuals and institutions worldwide a free source of globally vital
Integrated Pest Management information.
     This purpose-designed network, a joint effort of the Consortium for
International Crop Protection (CICP) and the National Biological Impact
Assessment Program (NBIAP) of the USA, was launched as an Internet-based
bulletin board in late 1993 to provide researchers, extensionists,
technical specialists, and producers--as well as others who may be
interested--with current international IPM information. It is also
structured to create a world-wide discussion and debate forum for
strengthening and fostering IPM.
     IPMnet offers nearly instantaneous, round-the-clock access to an
increasing selection of IPM special reports, issues of the IPMnet NEWS,
issues of RESISTANT PEST MANAGEMENT, technical information resources, a
forum, and databases. The intent is to assemble and disseminate global
information that will support not only IPM extension, research, and
teaching, but technology implementation and policy development.
     There is NO subscription fee, cost, or restriction to use IPMnet,
other than for using Internet. IPMnet's co-sponsors want to provide
information and services to as wide and varied a constituency as feasible.
The only usage requirements are that: 1.) first-time contacts complete a
brief registration form indicating professional interests and expertise,
and, 2.) IPMnet users adopt a willingness to interact with others in the
network. The professional profiles of IPMnet participants will help build
an expertise database that can become a useful component of the network.
     To connect with IPMnet via Internet, use any of several communication
programs or links and select or key in:
then, at the prompt, key in:
          <cicp.biochem.vt.edu> and follow the on-screen prompts that will
appear. In situations without access to telnet, contact CICP for a hard
copy of the IPMnet registration form as well as to place a name/address on
a list for future receipt of a hard copy of the IPMnet NEWS (if/when funds
can be found to support printing and mailing costs).
          -> CICP, Cornell University, NYAES, Geneva, NY 14456-0462, USA;
           * voice: 01-315-787-2252 * fax: 01-315-787-2276.
           * e-mail: cicp@cornell.edu

     IPMnet's co-sponsors believe that the bulletin board concept of global
electronic information has great potential, but only if the community
served participates. For IPMnet to fulfill its envisioned potential,
individuals, plus international and national organizations need to actively
take part in using and cooperatively supporting this initiative. That means
sharing--as well as seeking--information, offering opinions, and providing
guidance. Any existing IPM-related databases or reports that could be
shared with the international IPM community would be most welcome at
     Also, the IPMnet NEWS is highly receptive to running a variety of
articles relating to IPM--with full author credit. Research summaries,
actual application procedures and results, technical studies, impediments,
successes, and opinions are all welcome. (Please see contact address
     The co-sponsoring organizations invite your participation in IPMnet as
well as suggestions for its improvement. The goal is to collectively
support and strengthen IPM around the world and generate a positive force
for global benefit. Please consider participating if not already
registered, feel free to share this message with colleagues, or excuse this
communication if you/your organization has already joined IPMnet.

                For the co-sponsors,
                                        --A.E. Deutsch
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