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Intro to Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller at PBS Website
The Bucky Fuller Travelling Medicine Show
Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
KENNETH HARI PORTRAITS -R. Buckminster Fuller!
The Buckminster Fuller Institute Review
Video: "The World of Buckminster Fuller"
Links to sites on Buckminister Fuller and to Kenneth Snelson
Richard Buckminster Fuller - Biography & References
Research Buckminster Fuller at ELECTRIC LIBRARY
HOTBOT Search Results on Buckminster Fuller
R. Buckminster Fuller - Yahoo search results
Chris Fearnley's List of Buckminster Fuller References
Synergetics, Inc.
Komatsu Architecture
Pacific Domes

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    Welcome synergetics-l, a study group centering around synergetics, the
    philosophical language and self-discipline invented by 20th century
    Renaissance man R. Buckminster Fuller (July 12, 1895 - July 1, 1983)
    aka "Guinea Pig B" or Bucky.
    This list is hosted by 4D Solutions, a private company based in the
    Silicon Forest (http://www.teleport.com/~pdx4d/).  Visit the 4D Solutions
    website for more background information re synergetics, including links
    to the complete web-based edition of Fuller's 'Synergetics' (1975) and
    'Synergetics 2' (1979), now converged into a single magnum opus.
    Your list administrator is Kirby Urner, pdx4d@teleport.com.  Feel free
    to send him any questions re the administration & maintenance of this
    list and/or your membership status.
    This list is accessible via the web, non-members are free to search the
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  • The alt.bucky-fuller Newsgroup
  • alt.buck-fuller newsgroup

    BOOKS (partial list)
    See also these bibliographic references:
  • natural agriculture & related topics
  • permaculture
  • rural
  • alternative energy and related topics
  • renewable energy, community, architecture, construction

    R. Buckminster Fuller Archives at Stanford University Library
    "Buckyworks; Buckminster Fuller's Ideas Today"
    Author : James T. Baldwin
    ISBN: 0471129534
    Publisher/Date: Wiley /03/1996
    "Critical Path"
    R. Buckminster Fuller
    [talks about the gestation period of ideas]
    "Buckminster Fuller"
    Robert R. Potter, Richard Gallin (Editor) / Hardcover / Date Published: December 1990
    "Synergetics Dictionary: The Mind of R. Buckminster Fuller"
    Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite / Hardcover / Date Published: January 1986
    "Buckminster Fuller"
    Martin Pawley, R. Buckminster Fuller / Hardcover / Date Published: May 1991
    "Around the Universe with R. Buckminster Fuller"
    2 Cassettes
    New Dimensions / Audio / Date Published: November 1995
    "Buckminster Fuller"
    Robert R. Potter, Richard Gallin (Editor) / Paperback / Date Published: December 1990
    "Richard Buckminster Fuller, Architect: Twenty Years of Journal Reviews"
    Dale E. Casper / Hardcover / Date Published: January 1988
    "Richard Buckminster Fuller: Journal Articles Published, 1970-1986"
    Mary A. Vance / Hardcover / Date Published: January 1987
    "Operating manual for Spaceship Earth"
    Paperback version from:
    Hardbound edition: (limited edition of 300 copies) published by
    Aeonian Press Inc. , Box 1200 , Mattituck, NY 11952
    Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller: The Art of Design Science
    by Joachim Krausse (Editor), Claude Lichtenstein (Editor)
    Hardcover - 480 pages (September 1999)
    Lars Muller Publishers; ISBN: 3907044886 ;
    Dimensions (in inches): 1.81 x 9.78 x 6.80
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