Constructed Wetlands Links

  • Ornamental Grasses (1)
  • Ornamental Grasses (2)
  • Bamboo Garden and Gallery
  • Jade Mountain Bamboo Nursery
  • Gib Cooper
  • Rick Valley Northern Groves
  • Lewis Bamboo Groves
  • JM Bamboo - Commercial bamboo grower in Alabama
  • American Bamboo Society
  • Living Technologies, Inc.
  • Water Recycling, NCSU, Raleigh NC
  • Water Recycling Reference Databases on the World Wide Web
  • Ocean Arks International
  • Living Machine at the Findhorn Foundation
  • Wetland Wastewater Treatment Plant, Arcata, CA
  • The SWAMP project
  • Stensund Folk College in Trosa, south of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Advanced Integrated Pond (AIP) systems, St Helena, California
  • Findhorn Foundation
  • South Burlington High School, teaching with benchtop Living Machines
  • Environmental Studies at Oberlin College
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • The Hillier Group (Architecture, planning and graphic design)
  • Southwest Wetlands Group (Using constructed wetlands to treat wastewater)
  • Sustainable Technologies, Inc.
  • The Body Shop
  • National Small Flows Clearinghouse
  • Audubon
  • Wetland Wastewater Treatment Plant, Arcata, CA
  • Sustainable Strategies - Ecological Engineering and Design
    Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms
    John E. Bardach
    Aquaculture Training Manual
    By Donald Swift
    A practical guide for those new to fish farming.
    Aquatic Plants for Water Treatment Resources
    By Recovery Reddy Smith, 1987
    Aquifer Restoration
    State of the Art 
    (Pollution Technology Review, No 131)
    R.C. Knox, et al 1986
    Basic Ground Water Hydrology
    By R. Heath
    Constructed Wetlands for Waste Water Treatment:
    Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural
    By Donald Hammner 1989
    Construction of Small Earth Dams
    By Nelson (Australian)
    Dynamic Aquaria: Building Living Ecosystems
    By Walter H. Adey, Karen Loveland
    This book presents scientifically sound information for a growing new area
    of science--the construction of living ecosystems.
    Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment
    By C. Etnier and B. Gutterstam
    Freshwater Aquaculture: A Handbook for Small Scale
    Fish Culture in North America
    By William McLarney
    The Aquaculturalist's bible for the novice and professional, covering all
    freshwater species and how best to raise them. Includes pond construction
    and repair, water quality and chemistry, breeding, fertilization, shipment,
    diseases, marketing, legal restrictions, and integration with plants and farm
    life. Financial costing has been updated. The best published handbook in the
    field. - American Scientist.
    Ground Water Hydrology
    By David K. Todd
    Ground Water Quality Protection
    By Larry W. Canter, 1987
    Handbook of Gravity Flow Water Systems
    By Thomas Jordan
    Intermediate Tech. Development Group
    Avail. Wild Woman Press NYC
    Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store, and Conserve It
    By Stu Campbell 1983
    Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure
    By J.D. Jenkins
    This may be the start of a Big Movement
    By Goldman and Horne
    Living Water
    By Olaf Alexanderson
    Practical Handbook of Ground Water Monitoring
    By David Nielsen, 1991
    Principals of Aquaculture
    By Robert R. Stickney
    Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically-Challenged
    By Suzy Banks with Richard Heinichen, 46 pp
    Tank Town Publishing
    Dripping Springs, TX, 1997.
    Residential Wastewater Systems
    By NAHB Staff, 1980
    Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
    By Thoedore Schwenk, J. Collins
    Simple Methods for Aquaculture:
    Pond Construction for Freshwater Fish Culture
    (training Series No 20-2)
    By A.G. Coche
    The Toilet Papers : Recycling Waste and Conserving Water
    By Sim Van der Ryn and Wendell Berry
    With a forward By Wendell Berry, this classic book from the 1970's is back in
    print. The history of how humans have dealt with their own waste is
    handled with intelligence and wit, and the book provides up-to-date plans for
    the do-it-yourself on water-saving systems, composting privies, and practical
    gray-water systems.
    The Water Encyclopedia
    By Frits van Der Leeden, Fred L. Troise, David Keith Todd
    As in the first edition (1970), the subject matter has been broadly interpreted
    to include climates, hydrology, surface and ground water, water use and
    management, water resource agencies, and legislation.  Sources are cited,
    but there is no bibliography.
    Water: Element of Life
    By Theodore Schwenk
    Water for Every Farm
    By P.A. Yeoman
    Watershed Hydrology
    By Peter Black, 1991
    We All Live Downstream:
    A Guide to Waste Treatment That Stops Water Pollution
    By Costner, et al.

    Vermiculture Links
  • Earthworm Enemies
  • Ecology and Science (Many Links)
  • Genome Data Base: Lumbricus terrestris
  • Annelid Worm Biodiversity Resources
  • ANNELIDA mailing list : OR
  • The Lowly Earthworm: The Gardener's Friend
  • Other Ecology-Related Links
  • Other Interesting Botany, Ecology Links
  • Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
  • The Burrow
  • Wormland
  • Worm World
  • Mary Appelhof's Worm Woman Websiite & Vermicomposting Forum

  • Vital Design Lots of good information and links:
  • Farming and gardening with worms
  • Composter's Forum - Vermicomposting
  • Basic vermiculture (Campus Center for Appropriate Technology)
  • The Worm Farm: Vermiculture Resources (Great Links)
  • World Resource Foundation(1995)
  • Environment Canada Agropur
  • Biogas in permaculture context
  • 10/96 Municipal Solid Waste
  • Volvo use of methane in engines
  • Recycling World Biomass Recycling
  • The Biomass Energy Alliance's 12/95
  • Energy from biomass Sussex course
  • Rainbow Mealworms, Inc.">/A>
  • Care Sheet for Food Insects
  • Biological supplies
  • Aqualink fresh food
  • Aquaria live food
  • Aquaculture at NELHA
  • Freshwater Resources
  • Aquaculture & Fisheries
  • Fish & Wildlife Technology
  • NOAA Sust,Fisheries
  • Ahoy! Message board
  • Hydroponics Aquaponics Aquaculture
  • IUWF
  • hydrobiz
  • hydro4u
  • growroom
  • north hydro
  • what is hydroponics
  • plant_plane_hydro_faq
  • S & S Aqua farm Bioponics System
  • Homegrown Hydroponics
  • Hydroponics page
  • World wide water
  • Hydroponics IUWF
  • clivus
  • clivus
  • sunmar
  • Australian Permaculture
  • Composting Toilets
  • sancor
  • sunmar
  • keksintosaatio
  • humanure
  • Sourcebook: Composting Toilets
  • sunmar
  • tree_of_life
  • In Your Yard
  • EP - waste waters
  • What kind of sewage treatment plant is this?
  • Waterless Composting Toilet ..Clivus Multrum
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Reclamation from Municipal Wastewater Through an Artificial Food-Chain System
  • Tree fruit
  • Biohaven
  • Horticulture web
  • CCAT Waste Management
  • The compost resource page
  • Gourmet Gardener
  • Amazing Environmental Organization
  • Environmental Information Servers by Region
  • Ecology Action
  • Friends of the Earth Home Page
  • Environmental information
  • Environment Canada
  • GreenNet Home Page
  • Gaia Education Outreach Institute
  • Highland ECO Centre - Whats in it?
  • Other Biodiversity and Environmental Servers
  • Rodale Institute Research Center
  • Sierra Club Home Page
  • The 20000 Servers List
  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Environmental Engineering
  • TV Net -- KUSA Denver, CO
  • The Conservation Consortium
  • 454.2 Environmental Impact and Protection
  • Index to permaculture resources - by type
  • Permaculture International Homepage
  • Permaculture resources on the Internet
  • Edible Landscaping Four winds
  • Plants for a future
  • Permaculture Links
  • Permaculture Resources at CSF
  • Permaculture Resources
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