Patchouli Salad & other weird stuff you eat

I just gave this recipe to someone who wanted to know about the patchouli plant, and I
figured lots of people out there must experiment and eat stuff that is ordinarily not
thought of as food.  What you chompin down on?  Share the weirdness.

Patchouli Salad

Handful washed, torn patchouli leaves
Handful other mixed greens, to taste
Shredded carrots
Sliced mushrooms
Whole Inoki mushrooms
Sliced red onion
Celery, other stuff you like

Asian dressing
2 T. Toasted sesame seed oil
Canola or other light oil
Rice vinegar
Crushed garlic

That's it -- people rave about it, especially those who love to douse themselves in
patchouli oil.  Patchouli leaves, in the mint family, are very faint in flavor compared to
the overpowering fragrance of patchouli oil, and are warm, earthy and evocative of sensual

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