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Lawrence F. London, Jr.

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In article <33529E71.F9E@virgin.net>, Jamie <mike.jamie@virgin.net>

>Anyone with information about kombucha mushroom tea and its use in 
>people with HIV, particularly in relation  to use with Combination 
>Therapy, please E-mail me either here or at cardiff body Positive

In general, kombucha tea is not advised for persons with AIDS or HIV+. Due
to the process of making kombucha (it's a fermented yeast, not a
mushroom), contamination can occur, either molds or bacteria, which can
cause severe problems for someone with a compromised immune system.
Christopher Hobbs' book on medicinal mushrooms does a fairly good job of
running through the possible benefits of kombucha, as well as what studies
have been done.  He also gives a very safe procedure for fermentation, and
talks about the signs of contamination.

Rosemary, Healing Pages Bookstore, Seattle, WA
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