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Company Profile, Natures Pharmacy


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Company Profile, Nature’s Pharmacy

Welcome To Nature's Pharmacy

"In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth... God said ‘Let the earth bring forth vegetation: every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it.’ And so it happened: the earth brought forth every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree that bears fruit with its seed in it.’ Genesis 1 1:12

Our Goal

To provide information and procedures needed for repair and maintenance of the body so that you will gain the knowledge to be able to take care of yourself and others and feel well. That is to say, we want you to experience the best of health, know how to develop and maintain it or regain it.

Our Purpose

To provide the most up to date and usable information possible regarding the use of herbs (herbs are food)and their vitamin and mineral content.

What We Are Not

We are not an emergency service. We have no interest in disease or its diagnosis, treatment of, prescribing for, or examination of diseases, etc. etc.

What We Are

We are an information service and a source for the finest Herbal Extracts available.

This site contains historical observations and data relating to herbs. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. The reader should consult a physician regularly in all matters pretaining to medical problems especially as related to diagnosis, treatment, disease cure, or other physical or mental conditions.

Natures Pharmacy 4091-A Swallows Rd Loon Lake, WA 99148-9778
(509)-233-9508 Phone/Fax

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