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[Fwd: On-Line Culinary History Course]

Lawrence F. London, Jr.

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I am delighted to report that I will be teaching an on-line course "From
Marcus Apicius to Julia Child: Introduction to Culinary History," through
the New School for Social Research in New York. The course begins on June
2 and will end on July 6. 

For those interested, you can contact the New School's DIAL program at
their web site WWW.DIALNSA.EDU. The course is offered through the Social
Science department for college credit and through Culinary Arts program
without credit. 

Andy Smith

A brief description is as follows:

For food lovers and culinary professionals with a serious interest in
gastronomy and the relationship between culture and cuisine, this course
offers an overview of Western culinary history, from antiquity and the
civilizations of the Mediterranean Basin through the Renaissance in Europe
and the confluence of New World and Old World foods to the culinary
multiculturalism and global cuisine of today. Presentations are varied and
include lectures, and discussions of readings drawn from the works of
writers who have pioneered the field. 

The major purpose of this course is to provide an historical context to
help participants understand why we eat what we eat. It will mainly focus
upon Western European culinary traditions during five time periods:
pre-history, the ancient Mediterranean, the Middle Ages and Renaissance,
the development of national cuisines during the seventeenth through the
eighteenth centuries, and the modern world. Within these time periods we
will specifically examine six topics: our concept of food and its
availability; religious and social contexts; technological and scientific
issues; medical and health concerns; the philosophy of eating; and the
professionalization of cookery.

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