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Aquaponics list archive

Lawrence F. London, Jr.  Venaura Farm
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Title: Aquaponics list archive

  'Aquaponics' is a simple and innovative system of food production combining aquaculture and hydroponic growing techniques.
  'The Aquaponics List' (aquaponics@townsqr.com) is an e-mail discussion group formed by S & S AQUA FARM as an open list specifically for aquaponics.
   All who are interested in learning and sharing information about this and related topics are invited to participate.

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Having a safe, consistent source for food is a constant concern for many people.

We've put on paper what we've learned from an operational standpoint so that others can benefit.

We hope to eliminate for you the "trial and error" stage, to allow you to begin quickly your own successful growing system, whatever your purpose.


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