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Subject: Looking for permaculture info
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From: hiscdcj@lux.latrobe.edu.au (Dwayne Jones-Evans)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 08:48:31 GMT
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Summary: looking for permaculture or permaculture-related resources 
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I'm currently attempting to set up a WWW page on permaculture.  I know
of the stuff on sunsite, but I was wondering if anyone has anything else
that they would like placed on the web, or who know of other information
which is related to permacultural stuff.

I've just started looking into sources on the net, so I haven't come
across much stuff which is permacultural as yet, aside from sunsite.

I'd like to put as much information up as possible.  I can only
manipulate straight ascii files, however.  URLs would be ideal,
HTML-ised ascii text would be better, but I will HTML-ise ascii texts if

If anyone knows of any other info which is related to permaculture, I'd
be interested in that too.



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looking for * permaculture * resources on the net. Mail me with URLs 

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