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Permaculture these days..

What permaculture offers us is a way to bring back the ways of the
hunters/gatherers. A way of life that potentially restores a balance to
humanity.  A way where the holy dollar is not as holy as the fruit and nuts
we gather from our trees. A way that restores the sanity of humanity by
creating plenty that restores our faith in prosperity.  lack=fear
plenty=faith. Restoring our faith, restores sanity..faith in the provision
of the trees, the roots, the grasses, the herbs and the flowers to give us
food and sustain us.

So this is the season where we place into the earth, roots of shrubs and
trees and berries and we plant our grasses and herbs and we bring to our
homes the birds that live with us, and our children will remember the trees
we planted and come there often to eat of them and they will be thankful to
us to have a haven we have created for them. And their children will
remember that it was the elders that planted these trees and fruits that
sustain them and they will feel the abundance we intended for them and they
will remember the heritage we give them in the planting. 

It's the only thing I want to do. It is the only thing that matters to me
these days.  It's about taking on the reponsibility for our children
everywhere and through time. And for the hope of our civilization.

Highly recommended*** by Daniel Quinn: "Ishmael" and " The Story of B"..They
were a 'click' for me..

Hope you're all enjoying the Spring! Be very careful of your backs! We need