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Agroforestry workshops

             Announcing a presentation and two workshops 
                    on the Big Island of Hawai'i:

                  Making a Living from Agroforestry

December 19 (Fri) 6 pm 'til closing 
At the Na'alehu theater, no charge
Presentation by Michael Pilarski, including a slide show on agroforestry 
systems from around the world.

December 20 (Sat) 10:00 am to 5:00 pm workshop 
At the Na'alehu theater 
Presenters: Michael Pilarski, John Valenzuela, Douglas Bullock
DRY climates on Hawai'i will the focus
Sponsored by the Ka'u Agro-Forestry Association
Contact: Bob Jacobson, KAFA PO Box 727, Na'alehu, Hawai'i 96772
Tel:(808)966-8831 Email: jacobs@hgea.org

December 21 (Sun) 10:00 am to 5:00 pm workshop
At Kalopa State Park (near Paauilo, Hamakua) 
Presenters: Michael Pilarski, Joseph Dalrymple, John Valenzuela, and 
Douglas Bullock
WET climates on Hawai'i will be the focus
Directions: Look for the signs just north of Paauilo. Kalopa Park is 3 
miles above the main highway. We will meet at the pavilion.
Sponsored by the Hamakua Guild of Agroforesters 
Contact: Howard Wright PO Box 11414, 106 Wainaku St. Hilo, 
Hawai'i 96721 Tel:(808)982-7133

Both full day workshops will provide an introduction to agroforestry and 
permaculture, and report on the recommendations from our Moloka'i 
permaculture course. Information will be presented on establishment, 
planting patterns, species selection and water management for each focus 
climate. Be prepared for a field trip or walk to look at trees and local 
landscapes. We will discuss  many different kinds of agroforestry crops 
including: high-value timber, bamboo, mushrooms, medicinal herbs, seeds, 
lei material, essential oils, ornamentals, fiber, craftwood and more... 
Each workshop is $25, bring a lunch.

John Valenzuela Permaculture Services 
PO Box 1280 Pahoa, Hawai'i 96778 USA
message phone: (808)331-3049
e-mail: johnvalenzuela@hotmail.com

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