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Re: IS anyone out there?

Hi, i also did not want to reply to your post either, because i do not
have any interest in dairy, since i am vegan. 

anyway, i have been listening to what everyone has to post for a
while, and have not contributed anything, because i was just trying to
find out stuff about permaculture.

But, i want to see if i can get some help here. This spring, my
parents are giving me 1/4 of their garden (which will be about 500 sq.
ft.) to plant whatever i like and however i like. i am a college
student and will be in school over the summer, so will not have a
tremendous amount of time to spend in the garden, but nevertheless, i
am planning on having raised beds and following permaculture
guidelines. I have a book that i am reading right now, called "how to
grow more vegetables... on less land than you ever thought possible"
(or something like that). Anyway, i would like to get some suggestions
on how to start. this book says that compost is a very important step,
but since i am just starting this year, i have no compost, and my
parents are not being helpful, it is really up to me. Also, i want to
record my progress and problems here to see if anyone has any advice,
i need a lot of help!

well, hope to hear from anyone soon. 

...olive :)

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> mnkludwig@mailbag.com writes:
> >HELLO! is this an active list or what?  No one wants to tell me
> >to say to 50 farmers? The news ain't worth watching, lets get back to
> >saving the world here.
> It's not super-active... and things tend to slow down online around
> anyway.   Permies are not well known for being particularly active
online to
> begin with, so give it a week or so before you get impatient.  
> I am not personally familiar with dairy production, so I don't feel
> particularly qualified to address your original questions.
> BC
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