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1999 Hands-On Workshops on Orcas Island 
At the Bullock Brothers' Homestead

Horticulture for Permaculture Landscapes
April 23-26; Fee: $350 ($335 if paid in full by March 1st)
 This 4-day course is for people looking to sharpen their plant skills
with useful, edible, & medicinal plants. Students will need to have some
plant experience. Topics include: propagation; grafting; useful plant ID;
guild plantings; greenhouse & nursery protocols; and fertilizers. 

Permaculture Skills Intensive
July 10-August 6; Fee: $1750 ($1575 if paid in full by May 1st)
Month-Long Ecological Design & Sustainable Living Apprenticeship.  Using
examples on the Bullock Brothers' 16-yeard old working permaculture farm,
participants will learn to apply ecological design and permaculture while
living it.  Course will cover the permaculture curriculum and
participants will receive design certification. This residential course
will focus on hands-on skills, including: design principles, mapping,
water systems, greenhouse operation, plant propagation, orcharding,
wetland restoration, solar electricity, and more. 

Water Harvesting
September 17-20; Fee: $350 ($335 if paid in full by July 15th)
This 4-day course will introduce techniques for harvesting and storing
rain water including roof and broadscale catchment.  Topics include:
garden, landscape and orchard; swales; gabions; French drains; rooftop
collection; filters; cisterns; Ferro-cement; greywater; drip, and other
irrigation; and heating water with the sun and wood; etc.  

All workshops are instructed by Doug, Joe & Sam Bullock, Michael Lockman,
and Guests.

For More information please send a SASE to:
Bullock Workshops, c/o WE-Design
PO Box 45472, Seattle, WA 98145
Or email to michaellockman@juno.com

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