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Apprenticeship work/trade agreement

Hi my name is Brad Millis and I have come to California from Indiana to 
go to Humboldt University.  It is going to take a year for me to 
establish residency (out of state tuition is outrageuos) and in the mean 
time I want to study permaculture and anything related to sustainable 
living.  I dont have the money to take courses of any kind right now and 
I would rather get experiance while learning anyway.  I have three kinds 
of references; people that will tell that I am a very good worker, 
people that will tell you how inspired/determined to learn sustainable 
living practices and then the people that fall into both of those 
catergories.  This is a draft letter that Im sending to everybody I can 
find in California so if you have any questions about myself, or any 
other information you need please ask away.  Im looking for something 
relatively long term, 6 months to a year.  Thank you for your time and 
thank you for what you do.

Sincerely,  Brad
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