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[permaculture] China: permaculture project workers, train-the-trainers sought for Southern China (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:08:13 +1000
From: Adam Tiller <adamt@pegasus.com.au>
To: sustag@metalab.unc.edu
Subject: China: permaculture project workers,
     train-the-trainers sought for Southern China

Expressions of Interest sought for paid positions in Southern China as
Permaculture project workers and train-the-trainers.  Knowledge of
participatory development techniques required.

Adam Tiller
Asia-Pacific Unit
Australian Conservation Foundation
email: adamt@pegasus.com.au


The "Handpump example" of need for participatory techniques in PNG.

An Introduction to Participatory Techniques
by Rachel Hinton and David Young
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Voluntary Service Overseas
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Training Manuals

Training Trainers for Development: Conducting a Workshop on Participatory
Training Techniques

A six-day, 12-session curriculum for conducting a workshop on participatory
training techniques. This manual prepares trainers to use interactive,
learner-centered methods and to design, implement and evaluate
participatory, competency-based training. Adult educators, community
organizations, groups working with youth and organizations that wish to
strengthen in-house training skills will find this manual practical,
effective and easy to use.

Project Design for Program Managers: Conducting a Workshop on Planning
Community-Based Projects

A six-day, 11-session curriculum to train project managers to design
community-based projects. Project design is approached as an ongoing process
within an organization, encompassing needs assessment, problem
identification, development and implementation of solutions, monitoring and
outcome assessment.  Applicable to all sectors.
The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) is a
women-focused nonprofit international organization.
CEDPA field offices are located in Egypt, India, Mali, Nepal, and Nigeria.
CEDPA's main office is in Washington, D.C.

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