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[permaculture] Hello there

There you are,
so I finally found you all.
let me introduce myself.

I'm 30 years old, esoteric healer by profession and have been leading
what you might call an alternative lifestyle since I was about 16.
Some years ago I "discovered" the internet and was transfixed by it's
potential when it comes to spreading a message to a large group of
people worldwide. and was especially fascinated but the prospect of
putting out any amount of information, and letting the "people on the
streets" come find it them self, and then being able to provide those
same people with means of communicating with each other both in real
time and on a mail or news system. I have been studying since then the
net, the art of web design, and peoples behavior on the net. With the
goal of helping good ideas and organizations like for instance
permaculture to take advance of this potential. My approach to web
design/ net use is very much the same as the one I use to life in
general: put in a lot of serious effort, plant a seed and let it grow
and it will very much take care of it self, provide it with water in
times of draught, and see to that the weed don't suffocate it, or better

yet let the "weeds" pull their weight, and in time you will harvest in
abundance, and your long term effort is small. Web communities can be
created the same way.

I have now started a small web design/consulting business, and one of my

customers are the Norwegian permaculture association. I am building a
big web for them with lot's of good info, several ways of community
building communications and features that we hope will make the
scandinavian permaculture internet community grow. And I have been asked

to do the same in english, underway by central people in denmark.

As a part of that job I have been scourging the net for some time now
for links on permaculture and anything related. Mailing lists and
newsgroups. And found a lot, but when it came to news groups i was at a
loss until this after noon, when i found this list with a possible news
group interface. During my hunt I bumped into several other
out on exactly the same hunt. In fact it went so far that I am in the
middle of the process of creating a alt.permaculture or
alt.sustainable.permaculture (There already is a
alt.sustainable.agriculture group as I'm sure most of you know) But now
I am at a loss since there already is one active permaculture list with
a newsgroup interface.
I have taken some hours to consider this and my conclusion is to ask you

that are visiting this news server what to do.

I don't mean to put anyone or anything down but you seem to be a little
hard to find. Since most people use their ISP's news server to visit
newsgroups they look at the groups they offer, some might even go to
deja news and look there and if they don't find what they are looking
for they don't think it can be found. So maybe a alt.permaculture, that
would show up on a lot of news servers around the world would be a good
idea anyway, it wouldn't be a competitor to this group rather a boost.
More people would find their way to a group or list,
and the two could work for each other. there are some people ho have  a
natural aversion for mailing list and there are alot of persons that
prefer newsgroups to mailing lists, i am aware of the fact that there
are several lists out there but since this seems to be a active and
healthy list I thought it was worth a try to get opinions from you.

So what do you say good people?

I see from an earlier posting to this group that some of you use ICQ I
have ICQ # 13078734 have e-mail aasnee@online.no and are registered at
icq under the nick name norseman, if some of you would like to seek me
out to discuss this proposal or other issues or just have a chat
session, be my

I do apologize for any unclearity due to bad syntax, grammar or
misspelling, english is obviously not my natural tongue.

Christer Ellingsen
Voice: + 47 73976196
Fax: +47 73975755
Cellular: +47 90147718
E-mail: aasnee@online.no
Freedom is not in the finished carving but in the wood chips left
on the floor.

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