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Dear Reader 

The Australian Investor Online Magazine cordially invites you to peruse our online 
finance and investment magazine for the asia-pacific region. The magazine is a free 
of charge information service.

Your email addresses is on our distribution list as you either classify as 
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The publication features articles from leading industry commentators including : 

The Australian Stock Exchange 
The Sydney Futures Exchange 
The Society of Certified Practising Acccountants 
The Australian Property Institute 
BIS Shrapnel 
The Financial Planners Association 
The Association for Superannuation Funds of Australia 
The National Institute for Economic and Industry Research 
The Rene Rivikin Group 
Trading Edge 
The Housing Industry Association 
The Australian Industry Group 
The Australian Bankers Association 
The Australian Department of Trade 
The Australian Treasury 

The publication has been designed to provide tips, ideas and insight 
to assist you with your investment decisions and financial issues. 

Go to http://www.australianinvestor.com.au and enjoy the first issue. 

We welcome your feedback and hope that you find the publication of use and interest. 

Kind Regards 

The Deputy Editor.

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