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June 4: Agricultural Machinery Management

Internet Seminar on Agricultural Machinery Management
Date: 	June 4. 1999
Registration: free
URL: 	http://www.agekon.com
Contact: Philip Theunissen <philip@agekon.com>
	Tel. & fax: +27 (58) 3041391 South Africa


Farmers around the world are currently operating in an environment that is 
characterised by high volumes of grain stocks and fresh produce but low 
economic activities. This put pressure on most commodity prices and means 
less money for repairing or buying agricultural machinery. By postponing 
his replacement policy, the farmer is now faced with the dilemma of 
overusing his machinery and thereby putting pressure on the cost of 
maintenance and repairs. The question then is what should the farmer's 
approach be towards agricultural machinery management so that he can get 
the best economical advantage from it? To get to the answer of
this, AGEKON decided to present a seminar on the issue.


- Introduction. Philip Theunissen (Agricultural Economist); Agekon, SOUTH 
- Matching tractors and implements the economic way. Neville Gould (Team 
Leader: Agricultural Engineering); New South Wales Agriculture, AUSTRALIA.
- Planning a cost effective machinery system for a farm. William Edwards 
(Extension Economist); Iowa State University, Iowa, USA.
- Cost components and the calculation of the cost of agricultural machinery 
activities. Ted Darling (Farm Management Specialist) & Murray Green (Farm 
Machinery Specialist); Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, 
- The correlation of cost with machine lifetime, maintenance policy and 
operator skills. Johan Fuls (Senior Engineer); ARC-Institute for 
Agricultural Engineering, SOUTH AFRICA.
- An economic replacement policy for agricultural machinery. Koos Coetzee 
(Manager: Economics Services); Milk Producers Organisation, SOUTH AFRICA.
- Financing machinery replacement. Ingo Ackermann (Head: Division for 
Technology Assessment and Substance Flow) & Ralph
Schlauderer (Farm Management Specialist); Institute for Agricultural 
Engineering Bornim (ATB), GERMANY.
- The management approach towards agricultural machinery. Brain Jacobsen 
(Senior Researcher); Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries 
Economics, DENMARK.


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