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Re: Sustainable, Non-exploitive, Space Exploration Project, SeekingBoard Can...

Just gentlly
One should be aware of the energy consumption difference between an animal
and plant.
Generally the sun can only absorb 1% of the sun's energy
the plant accumulates 1% of that
raising an animal reduces the energy saved to 1% again
so 1% of 1% of 1% is useable and the rest is unrecoverable
-That is why there are satistics on how much rangeland one cow needs or the
feed conversion rate discussion
-Clearly to intercept at the plant level creates less strain on the earth's
-but your point about imported food is well taken-the environmental
footprint of every decision has to be measured-growing your own food is a
reasonable and partial solution-growing it responsibly is even better
-if every person in the world consumed energy as we in NA so we would need 5
planets to sustain
-our average environmental footprint is 7 acres
-sooner or later other people will want to consume as we do or we are all
going to have to cooperate in a sustainable solution
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>dear eric,
>please educate me on what a 'vegan lifestyle' has to
>do with
>'sustainability'.  should i be eating lentils grown in
>and exported from a
>country which can not feed its own people instead of
>shooting a deer in my
>backyard?    how can one separate oneself from the
>nutrient cycle that
>naturally relies on animals?  where does a 'vegan'
>draw the line in animal
>use?  is an earthworm an animal?  is manure an
>unacceptable soil amendment
>since it is an animal product?  is a plastic balnket
>more sustainable than a
>wool one?
>anxiously awaiting your reply,
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