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Re: Sustainable, Non-exploitive, Space ExplorationProject,SeekingBoard Can...

We'll keep doing the best we can do.
I am with you in the offence taken by those who are righteous in their
indignation. It serves to harden the lines and to bury the resolution of
important issues.
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From: stephan leimroth <slimerote@yahoo.com>
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Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: Sustainable, Non-exploitive, Space
ExplorationProject,SeekingBoard Can...

>dear 'vpage',
>thanks for your response.
>i'm well aware of the inefficiencies of animal protein
>manufacture.  sorry if my response to Eric regarding
>his requirement that only vegans could serve on his
>board of directors came off as too harsh.  i just get
>a little worked up when a vegan haughtly explains to
>me they don't want to have anything to do with any
>animal products.  some take it to the extreme, and
>these are the ones i can't deal well with.  i'm a
>vegetarian and struggled some time with the vegan
>question.  i had an epiphany and finally resolved the
>issue through some nifty rationalizations (like the
>food exportation thing, and the fact that animals are
>an essential non-removable part of the nutrient
>cycle).  (i can my rationalize my through anything,
>especially when the odd cheese-containing pizza is
>i will try to be more gentle next time.
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