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[permaculture] Re: [Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???]

Does permaculture have to be so expensive?  From the standpoint of a novice I
would say no - especially if you want to 'get the word out'.  I would think
that there is enough information that can be had by surfing the net plus
having your local library locate through interlibrary loan a copy of one of
Bill Mollison's books.  Permaculture is really not all that hard - it is an
elegant nobrainer.  You are basically replicating what nature does - systems
that complement each other.  

I believe the expense comes from people wanting to subsidize their farms by
being paid for their knowledge.  (I am not implying that one should not be
paid for their knowledge, but the cost should be realistic).  And then there
is the added burden(for longer courses) of lodging, travel, meals, materials,
etc.  The shortcut is more expensive than taking the time to observe nature,
learn from your own experiences, and come up with your own solutions.

Iron Acres

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