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[permaculture] Re: Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???

Hallo Frank,

how are things going with your new farm? If I recall correctly, you unsubscribed from
aquaponics (or are just lurking) because you have too little time for all the things you have
nd like to do.

Anyway, sometimes I have the feeling that permaculture is some kind of multilevel marketing
ystem. You see, first you have to take a course and pay for it. After that you are a certified
ermaculture instructor, can also give courses and charge for them. These people again can
ive courses... How does that sound? So my believe is that for these professional
ermaculturists the list is just a place to promote themselves with tiny bits of info. Getting such
recise, complete and many times even quite scientifical info like on the other lists, is
omething we can only dream of. Now I only wonder why nobody here in Chihuahua, Mexico
as even heared about permaculture...

Tell me a little about your farm; it's always good to know what others are doing, have
chieved and which mistakes they commited, if any. Enjoy your weekend!


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