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Info on Projects

Hi All

I am currently away from my home base and have just been asked to give a
presentation on Permaculture to SEMARNAP (thats the Federal Department
of the Environment here in Mexico) in a few weeks. I am tied up with
courses in Yucatan pensinsular, and won't have time to get back to my
home base where I do have some info.

Apparently they especially want to be see examples/figures etc that show
how PC has helped improve production yeilds etc. Obviously their
thinking is a little straight and I will  try to get them to think in
wider terms than straight production, but I also need to give them some
definite examples/case studies.

Can anyone help??

Mexico has a wide variety of climates, so most examples will be usefull.
The presentation cannot be too long, and it needs to be visual. So, I am
looking for brief descriptions of your project, hopefully some
documentation of yeilds before and after PC, and maybe a photo (more
interesteing than just tables of data)of a beautiful PC garden.

SEMARNAP has a special mandate to help the indigenous and poor people,
and to work with Protected Zones (like Nature Reserves - but people live
in them - always have), so anything with an emphasis in those directions
would also be appreciated.

Hope you can spare to time to gather and email some info to me
(directly). If I can get support from SEMARNAP for Permaculture, we may
just be able to do something good here - I am not getting too excited -
Mexican beaurocracy is like all beaurocracies - but I beleive it is
worth ginving this one our best shot.

Skye - Apdo # 391,  Patzcuaro, Michoacan, CP. 61600 México. 
fax  (52) 01 (434) 24743
Profesor y diseñador en Permacultura
Director del Instituto de Permacultura de México A.C.
Talleres de desarrollo humano, planeación participativa y 
economía comunitaria.

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